To travel is to explore!

To explore is to experience!

To experience is to learn!

To learn is to grow! 

If it’s leading to your growth, it’s a good path taken! 

Wait for a while and watch the world! 

You’ll get the idea of how dedicated you’ll have to stay to overcome their cruelty! 

When you smile being glad, capture it! 

You never know when will this cruel world let you smile again. 


There’s something! On this page of the calendar! 
I am not sure about what it is. But I know, there’s something for sure. That gives me some vibes, some goosebumps, some smiles, some happiness that I can’t afford even if I laugh for the whole life I have. This month is about my world, it is about my story, it is about the magic that happened.

 I won’t wish for this month to last forever because I see much more beautiful things coming my way (that won’t ever happen if you weren’t there, dear july’13),but yes I will also ask this month to come over and over again so that I can cherish the miracle that changed my life into the calmest Moon and the brightest Sun. I am thankful to my destiny to give me a reason, such great reason to celebrate. Thanks for all I have.Dear july! A heart warming hug is all I have for you with a lots of tears of happiness in my eyes.