Whatever it is! It may be good, it may be fowl! 

But please don’t keep it with you.Speak!

And speak aloud! 

Because when you speak, you express. You express what you like and what you don’t. 

When you express what you like, you may encourage the someone to continue doing better and might sort out their dilemma. 

When you express what you disliked, you may guide someone to a better path.




If it’s love, express! 

If it’s a need, ask! 

If It’s an argument, do! 

Do whatever! But Speak! 

Because it’s a better way to live life. Prohibit yourself from keeping it in mind because that may take you into being introvert or it may even harm the person who did it to you. 


That’s the way to express! 

That’s the way to be clear!

That’s the way to be!


Author: sukritiz

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