A bird, with no such innovation and not that evolved world to live in. And then too is flying,flying high, flying higher. It flies when glad, it flies when sorrow, it flies in all cases. Then my dear pastel! Why can’t you! 

When you’ve so much to do, to support, to lift you up and carry you down safely.

 Then why don’t you try to fly? 

Is it that scary? 

However it is, I think you could give it a chance. What’s wrong in trying! 

Are you afraid of failure? 

Why failure? 

Why do you’ve to even give it a thought? 

Why don’t you think of the case in which you succeed? 

May be! Life’s waiting for you to take the risk once and there stands success with its arms opened for you. 

Or may be! It gives you a failure but it will give you a strong lesson.In any case,it is not going to be wasted. 

So! Why fear? 

Will that failure make you loose anything that you’ve now! 


Then why to freeze? 

Why to lock yourself in a place that you feel is not meant for you?! 

Why not to show a thumb down to all the fear and fly high just like this bird did?! 

Give it a thought! 


Author: sukritiz

#indian #20 #jolly #budding writer #/sukriti.jaiswal.397