There’s something! On this page of the calendar! 
I am not sure about what it is. But I know, there’s something for sure. That gives me some vibes, some goosebumps, some smiles, some happiness that I can’t afford even if I laugh for the whole life I have. This month is about my world, it is about my story, it is about the magic that happened.

 I won’t wish for this month to last forever because I see much more beautiful things coming my way (that won’t ever happen if you weren’t there, dear july’13),but yes I will also ask this month to come over and over again so that I can cherish the miracle that changed my life into the calmest Moon and the brightest Sun. I am thankful to my destiny to give me a reason, such great reason to celebrate. Thanks for all I have.Dear july! A heart warming hug is all I have for you with a lots of tears of happiness in my eyes.


Author: sukritiz

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