Oh cmon babe! I was a fool who didn’t get it into the head that you’ve always wanted to break up.  It was me who was ready with the efforts       And you always had something to ruin it!          So this is just one of those ways 

And luckily this became strongest and thus left unattended!


06 #good_day_series

  No cold breeze                                                          No flowery fragrance                                            No cloudy day                                                          No soothing music

      But the day was still good, a minute early morning conversation with mom was all that made it so

97 #le_conte_series

Don’t worry! This was the last of all the pains you’ve been giving so long

Because killing myself was easier than seeing a day when everything we had this long was all fake

63 #he_she_series

Even the clouds fail to count the number of covers she use to hide her pain                         Even the Sun can not handle the drowsiness in her eyes                                                                  Even the Moon can not compete her calmness   Even the Rain gave up on her tears

Yes! She once loved him insane 

However world you make him                 Whatever world you give him                    However world you may see in him        Whatever world he’s to you

He’ll one day show you, why isn’t he equal to your parents your world!

08 #being_me_series

Being his, killed me.                                                Not being his, starved to me death! 

I think! The me  before his arrival was the best! 

10 #hero_series


 Who is it?!                                                                The one I believed he was?!                                    Or the one he saw in me?!