Yes! There’s an immense pleasure to combine. Combine with a not so perfect one but the perfect match for you. It makes the thing much more beautiful. When you find that you complete each other, there you start to have a satisfaction. And believe me, that feel of satisfaction takes you to the best level of life. Where you feel you are stable, you’ve achieved something you deserve and that’s gonna stay with you till ends.

When you fit each other so well that you enjoy having the company, you’re always there to hold each other in the ups and downs, you’re so much into each other that it becomes impossible to differentiate. 


A bird, with no such innovation and not that evolved world to live in. And then too is flying,flying high, flying higher. It flies when glad, it flies when sorrow, it flies in all cases. Then my dear pastel! Why can’t you! 

When you’ve so much to do, to support, to lift you up and carry you down safely.

 Then why don’t you try to fly? 

Is it that scary? 

However it is, I think you could give it a chance. What’s wrong in trying! 

Are you afraid of failure? 

Why failure? 

Why do you’ve to even give it a thought? 

Why don’t you think of the case in which you succeed? 

May be! Life’s waiting for you to take the risk once and there stands success with its arms opened for you. 

Or may be! It gives you a failure but it will give you a strong lesson.In any case,it is not going to be wasted. 

So! Why fear? 

Will that failure make you loose anything that you’ve now! 


Then why to freeze? 

Why to lock yourself in a place that you feel is not meant for you?! 

Why not to show a thumb down to all the fear and fly high just like this bird did?! 

Give it a thought! 


Whatever it is! It may be good, it may be fowl! 

But please don’t keep it with you.Speak!

And speak aloud! 

Because when you speak, you express. You express what you like and what you don’t. 

When you express what you like, you may encourage the someone to continue doing better and might sort out their dilemma. 

When you express what you disliked, you may guide someone to a better path.




If it’s love, express! 

If it’s a need, ask! 

If It’s an argument, do! 

Do whatever! But Speak! 

Because it’s a better way to live life. Prohibit yourself from keeping it in mind because that may take you into being introvert or it may even harm the person who did it to you. 


That’s the way to express! 

That’s the way to be clear!

That’s the way to be!


An emblem to happiness! 

Let’s add it all to lives. 

Our’s, their’s and everyone others’. 

Let’s add colors to all we’ve. 

Let’s paint all the scars, blue.

Lets paint all the abuses, green. 

Let’s paint all the worries, red. 

Let’s paint everything around.

And give them new faces. 

A face to the world,world that has nothing negative,world that has all the goods within.

Let’s build a world full of laughters, a world full of love, a world full of passion.

Yes! A world full of #colors.

The #eclipse! 

The moon is gonna hide, there would be just no light.

Darkness will take over. 

Fear will surround you. 

Owls will hoot and dogs will bark, you’ll be scared imagining what’s gonna happen next. 

Yes! There’s gonna be such nights in your life. It will not casually pass by but it will give you pain, will give you tears, will make you scared of arousing from your bed and walk to find a candle even. 

There will be such damn scary nights in all phases of your efforts to success. 

But wait! Hold on! That’s not the end. Remember that’s just a phase, because it’s not gonna last forever, because the rule of nature says every night gets ended with the Sun rising up and lightening your day. 

Remember! There’s an end to all evils. There’s an end to all fear. There’s an end to all barriers. The #morning will find its way when the correct time arrives. 

Be scared but don’t die. 

Be broken but don’t give up. 

Because the scariest nights give the brightest Sun. 

Just believe in yourself and

I promise, you’ll shine!