8 good days

There were days when I died to talk to you

There are good days when your words don’t matter

There will be best days ahead when I won’t give a damn if you are alive or not


9 being me

I never thought I would go this #jogan for him that I will have to visit psychiatrists after his betrayal!

10 ??

Although I have many

But ..just answer one of those!

Have you always had this side of yours?

Did you always know you were going to do this?

Didn’t you ever fall for me while acting like you love me?

11 hero

I bowed my head and loved him for all he is

Because he pretended to be the shadow of my paa!

Sorry but I didn’t recognize the devil who came to eat me up in the mask of my hero

07 good days

You know what?!

I think I gotta change my taste with “good”!

Because I thought the years spent with you were the “good days” of my life!

Little did I know they would throw me to a trash I won’t ever be able to recover from!