94 radium #color

They say nothing was visible besides those radium lights

Your face into my heart was still crystal clear


You were missed! 

The moment I saw those balloons in the decorations                                                              You were missed!                                                While slicing the cake and blowing the candles    You were missed!                                                 Then came the moment of the cake’s first bite   You were missed!                                                While waking up early that morning                 You were missed!                                              Taking shower and wearing new clothes          You were missed!                                                While getting into the car for letting the party begin.                                                                         You were missed!                                                    The moment I saw those blue lights with the favorite dance tracks on the DJ                            You were missed!                                                 While clicking pictures, while having beverages, with the thoughts of celebration, with every upcoming breath                                                    You were missed!                                                  They think I had a party wish a big bang!       Nah! You were missed!