09 Sailor & Writer #sailor _series 

​”I leave you alone for so long,I am not there to hold you in your hard days.I give you nothing but loneliness.”

       said the SAILOR teary eyed.

“You give me love,sacrifice, awaits to wander around and write on.This is how my loneliness vanishes my love.”

responded the WRITER wife hiding her tears. 


47 Autumn #le_conte_series

​The dull,humid

appeared to be bright and windy
The shedding leaves

appeared to be hung on beautiful trees
I used to smile uselessly

and hummed songs senselessly
My drowning fate appeared

to arouse luckily 
Life seemed unconsciously joyful

When I was consistently falling for him
He who thrashes,tortures,dominate and never lets me up
Autism was misconcepted by autumn

07 his gifts #sailor_series 

On their first anniversary, 

he sent her an expensive watch.

                   Not satisfied! 

On their fifth,

It was an expensive car.

                   Neither satisfied! 

On their tenth,

he gifted her a big bungalow.

                  Not yet satisfied! 

And on the eleventh, 

he himself returned home off duty.

         Surprised too see the level of her happiness, 

the glitter in her eyes,

the glow of her face.

The SAILOR fell in love with his wife all over again. 

46 world #le_conte_series

History says it lies in the ruling king and his dynasty 

Literature says it lies in the expression of emotions 

Science says it lies in discovery

Geography says it lies in the universe 
In this world of high speed wind,open sky,winged thoughts and no four walls to imagination 

Her WORLD lied in her mom till she was alive

And then her prince charming took over and held to be her world ever after

45 long distance #le_conte_series

His “I LOVE YOU”s did not change                 Neither did her smile

His “YOU’RE PERFECT”s did not change      Neither did her beauty

His “YOU’RE MY QUEEN”s did not change.   Neither did her efforts 

His “I’M YOURS FOREVER”s did not change  Neither did her loyalty 

His call durations remained unchanged                N so did her call logs

His romantic messages remained unchanged       N so did her waits for them

But then!How long will an artificial bond last??!! She was one day exposed to his face behind that mask.                                                                    Caught another phones with numerous sim cards and thousands of his pictures with different girls lying beside                                        A long distance lovely three years relationship died a cheated death                                               Her efforts drained and so did her tears

44 forced #le_conte_series

Death took away her family    forced to be orphan 

Nobody to take care    forced to learn housekeeping 

People befooled her      forced to be clever

Nobody to pay her bills  forced to earn

Society dominated    forced to earn status

There comes the end of the unfortunate
Strikes a death-resulting-disease 
But everytime it is not her who is forced
This time,it was her who forced it to die a painful death

And turned herself to the fortunate Survived strengthened