40 the dark day #le_conte_series

​”This was the only way to get rid of him.

     Orelse being obsessive,the one-sided lover would have either raped or murdered you”


      he said with a feeling of satisfaction.
“I will wait for you to come out and marry me.”

       said she from the other side of the jail.


38 In relationship with failure #le_conte_series

​I shut the door   It surrounds me

I switch the lights off   It echoes in my ears

I close my eyes   It runs in my mind 

I try hard  It never leaves my hand

It gives me experiences                             and 100 more ways to do it wrong 

It holds me when nobody is around 
It accompanies when everybody makes fun of
My fate gave me nothing but a beautiful relationship with FAILURE to hold me forever 

37 didn’t deserve her #le_conte_series

​Oh thank God! 

     The other one left at a minute’s difference.

She reached his banglow, buying his favorite set of orchids with a slip stating 

    “for the love of my life! for my hero!”
Who could ever show her his other side, 

             the side she is unaware of.

     The side who is the HERO for many and the LOVE of life for too many.