25 The Couch #le_conte_series

​”I love our pre-owner,he was so soft and caring.”

“I hate this filthy ass,it seems he’s a slum acting high-class.”   
 said a couch to another.
Who would ever let them know that their pre-owner is buried under.


22 jewel #le_conte_series

She will cry with you when you cry and then certainly she will make you laugh aloud.She will stand beside you holding you like your strength when in life you are weak.

A daughter is a jewel,there happens to be no substitute.

A jewel is to not be hurt.                                            A jewel is not to be wasted.                                       A jewel is to be preserved,to be valued,to be recognised.

May every house be blessed with such jewels.

“My daughter is what rain to fire is and what flower is to a barren land.I am blessed that I had a jewel and much more blessed are the people who get the fortune of preserving it.”

            said the mother who lost her kid in her belly itself because the ultrasound showed it to be a girl.